Enviroment Impact Assessment

1. Impact Assessment Report is the detailed field investigations carried out for the purpose of identifying the hydro-geological conditions of an area. The Impact Assessment Report includes the studies of rocks or aquifer or alluvium, soil type, water level, land use, Geophysics, Resistivity, and so on. These studies are done in safe areas, Critical, Semi critical, and Over-exploited areas.

2. The Hydrogeological study determines the groundwater potential of a particular area by drilling the borehole in order to fulfill the demand of the groundwater for domestic, industrial, and other purposes. Impact Assessment Report also covers the testing and assessment of groundwater flow, the chemical properties of groundwater and moving of particles, and energy.  Impact Assessment Report deeply emphasis of the judicial and sustainable management of groundwater resources.

EIA and Environmental Clearance

Post EIA compliance report

Why do the Industries need Impact Assessment Report?
  • The major reason behind the whole concept of submitting Impact Assessment Report studies is to check and assess the environmental impacts on the groundwater aquifer or regime due to an existing project or a proposing project and by assessing the impacts to make it easy to draft the mitigation measures accordingly. 
  • Secondly, the rampant and unchecked industrialization and expansion and population explosion to a great extent, the groundwater, being the dwindling natural resources, is been used by every industry by a large and by doing so since long there is a continuous unparallel impact that has been created upon the groundwater hydrology that is resulted into shifting of safe zones to semi-critical and critical zones to overexploited in many parts of the country. 
  • However, there is an urgent need to check and assess those negative impacts that are putting pressure on the groundwater aquifer and to anticipate the impact mitigation measures and applied in the real world by the domestic and industrial users of this country.
Who needs to submit an Impact Assessment Report to Central Ground Water Authority/UPGWD/HWRA/PWRDA
As per the Central Ground Water Authority Guidelines 2020 released by the Ministry of Jal Shakti, Every project, and Industrial unit and establishment which are proposing, or drawing groundwater 100 KLD or more than 100 Cubic meters per day in Over-exploited, Critical, and Semi-critical areas are required to submit mandatorily impact assessment report of the groundwater aquifer or regime which will also cover the socio-economic impacts report.
Criteria for preparing and submitting the Impact Assessment Report for any Industrial, infrastructure, and Mining projects?
  • Impact Assessment Report is required to be prepared and submitted if the water requirement is more than 100 KLD and the industry falls in the OCS areas (Overexploited, Semi-Critical and Critical).
  • Impact Assessment Report (with Groundwater modeling) are required to be prepared and submitted if the water requirement is more than 500 KLD for the projects or industries falling in the geological area of hard rock and1000 KLD for the projects or industries falling in the geological area of soft rock the industry (Overexploited, Semi-Critical and Critical).
  • Impact Assessment Report with Groundwater modelling for Safe areas (in case of water requirement is more than 500 KLD in hard rock and 2000 KLD for Soft rock).

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