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Explosive License from PESO
(Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization).

PESO stands for the Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization that is the prime agency to regularize the safety of hazardous substances, explosives, petroleum and compressed gases.

PESO has the roles and responsibilities delegated under the Explosives Act 1884 and Petroleum Act 1934, Inflammable Substances Act, 1952 and other rules.related to manufacture, import, export, transport, possession, sale and use of Explosives, Petroleum products and Compressed gases thereto.

One of the prime and most important roles and responsibilities of PESO is to ensure the safety and security of public and property from fire & explosion. This organization has the powers and functions entrusted under the Explosives Act 1884 and Petroleum Act 1934, Inflammable Substances Act, 1952 and following rules:

  1. EXPLOSIVES ACT, 1884:
  • Explosives Rules, 2008
  • Gas Cylinder Rules, 2004
  • Static & Mobile Pressure Vessels (Unfired) Rules, 1981
  • Ammonium Nitrate Rules, 2012
  • Notification No. GSR 625(E) dated 07.08.1983 regarding Acetylene Generation
  1. PETROLEUM ACT, 1934:
  • Petroleum Rules, 2002
  • Calcium Carbide Rules, 1987
  • Cinematography Film Rules, 1948
  • Explosives manufacturing factories.
  • Storage installations for compressed gases in pressure vessels.
  • Explosives storage premises.
  • Auto LPG dispensing stations.
  • Fireworks manufacturing factories.
  • LPG bottling units.
  • Fireworks store houses and shops. 
  • Petroleum storage installations.
  • Manufacture of Explosives at site in Bulk Mixing and Delivery [BMD] Vehicles.
  • Petroleum storage sheds.
  • Authorization of Explosives & Fireworks.
  • Petroleum Refineries.
  • Gas Cylinder filling plants.
  • Petroleum tank lorries.
  • CNG filling stations.
  • Gas Cylinders/ Valves/ Regulators
  • Petroleum cross-country pipelines.
  • Petroleum service stations.
  • Storage sheds for filled gas cylinders.


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