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Ground water NOC / Borewell NOC

Ground Water NOC from CGWA (Central Ground Water Authority)

  • CGWA NOC is a permission granted for the abstraction of groundwater from an existing or proposed Borewell at the project site for drinking, domestic, and factory operations by the Residential, Commercial and Industrial units.
  • Any Fresh or existing Borewell without having a valid NOC is illegal as per the Revised Guidelines by CGWA, Ministry of Jal Shakti, India dated 24 September 2020. Such illegal abstraction may attract penalty and Environmental Compensation provisioned as per Section 15 of the Environment Protection Act 1986. 

Process flow chart of obtaining CGWA NOC

Groundwater NOC Process flowchart
Process flow chart of obtaining CGWA NOC

Checklist of Documents and Information required for CGWA NOC / Borewell NOC

  • Pollution NOC from State Pollution Control Board
  • Non-availability of water supply/water denial certificate
  • Impact Assessment Report
  • Groundwater of testing report from NABL accredited laboratory.
  • Completion certificate
  • NOC and permission from Wetland Authority (if Project area falling in the 500-meter radius  of Wetland zone)
  • Impact Assessment Report with Groundwater modeling for Over Exploited, Critical and semi-critical zones    
  • Water audit reports as per CGWA rules

Validity of the NOCAP CGWA and Renewal

  • NOC from CGWA is granted for the two years subject to the deposition of groundwater abstraction charges or restoration charges which depends upon the amount of groundwater proposed to be withdrawn and the category and zone in which an industry falls.
  • Renewal of the CGWA permission can be granted subject to the conditions of fulfilling the compliance. Application for the renewal is to be made at least ninety days before the expiry of the NOC validity.
  • Infrastructure projects, residential, commercial, etc. for drinking & domestic use and urban in OCS areas (Over exploited, Critical and Semi-Critical) can be renewed for 5 years.

Groundwater NOC from UPGWD - Uttar Pradesh Ground Water Department

  • UPGWD has been formed to research, plan, assess, conduct the study and conduct the different programs with regards to the groundwater development. It also frames the state-regulated guidelines for groundwater conservation and to conduct the recharging programs in the Notified and Non-Notified Areas.
  • Any Industrial, Commercial, Infrastructure or bulk user who has an existing bore-well  or plans to install a bore-well for future use is required to obtain UPGWD NOC. 
  • Any existing or future domestic and agricultural user who has dug out or proposes a Well is required to make a request of registration through a letter in a standard format to Uttar Pradesh Groundwater Authority in the notified and non notified blocks.

Groundwater NOC from HWRA (Haryana Water Resource Authority)

  • HWRA (Haryana Water Resources Authority) was constituted under section 3 of the Haryana Water Resources (Conservation, regulation and Management) Authority Act, 2020 ).
  • It has been formed to take care and give directions for the development management and conservation and regulation of groundwater. The objectives to rules framed under this Act are to encourage sustainable development technologies for the micro small and medium enterprises and to regulate the unchecked usage of groundwater for domestic, drinking, commercial and industrial purposes
  • The Residential societies, apartments, group housing colonies, townships, industrial setup, manufacturing entities, factories, drilling agency, commercial set up, hotel, hospital, warehouse, and bulk users and as the case may be, which are having Existing or Proposed bore-well on site  are required to apply online to obtain the HWRA NOC from the Haryana Ground water Department.

Ground Water NOC from PWRDA - Punjab Water regulation and Development Authority

  • PWRDA was formed in 2020  with aim of management and regulation of water usage in the State so as to achieve sustainable management of groundwater balanced with the requirements of the livelihoods of people in the State. 
  • Existing or Future Ground water users are required to apply and avail the Groundwater NOC as per the prescribed rules. On the grant of NOC the ground water abstraction charges are to be submitted.

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