groundwater noc in ghaziyabad

Authorisation process

  • First Step:Application Submission
  • Second Step:Site Assessment
  • Third Step:Compliance Verification
  • Fourth Step:NOC Issuance

Borewell NOC Services in Ghaziabad

“Ghaziabad, a vibrant urban center located in Uttar Pradesh, is renowned not only for its industrial development but also for the mounting worries over groundwater pollution. With the continuous expansion of industries and urban sprawl, there arises an urgent demand for rigorous regulations to safeguard groundwater resources. Among these regulations, securing groundwater NOC from UPGWD  stands out as a pivotal necessity. This article aims to explore the importance of obtaining a groundwater NOC in Ghaziabad and shed light on the procedural aspects involved in acquiring it.

Significance of Borewell Registration/certification in Ghaziabad

“A groundwater No Objection Certificate is an official document authorized by the relevant governing body, usually either the Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board (UPPCB) or the Central Ground Water Authority (CGWA). This certificate is a requisite for industries, commercial ventures, and construction endeavors that rely on groundwater utilization. Its principal aim is to supervise and oversee the extraction of groundwater, thereby averting issues such as over-exploitation, contamination, and depletion of groundwater reservoirs.”

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Get Your CGWA NOC for Groundwater Extraction


Northern Ridge is an expert borewell NOC consulting company with decades of experience in obtaining underground NOC/permission from central ground water and state water authorities. Our expert technical team has more than 10 years of experience in providing environmental advisory services.