Groundwater NOC From Haryana Water Resource Authority

  • Any residential, commercial, or industrial project that utilizes a borewell to extract groundwater is required to obtain a borewell NOC in the State of Haryana from the Haryana Ground Water Resource Authority.
  • Borewell Permission in Haryana is regulated under the THE HARYANA WATER RESOURCES (CONSERVATION, REGULATION AND MANAGEMENT) AUTHORITY ACT, 2020.
  • There is set procedure applicable for filing the ground water NOC application as defined in The Haryana Water Resources (Conservation, Regulation & Management) Authority,
    Rules, 2021

Documents Required For HWRA NOC

  1. Pollution NOC from the State Pollution Control Board,
  2. Non-availability of water supply/water denial certificate,
  3. Impact Assessment Report,
  4. Groundwater of testing report from NABL accredited laboratory,
  5. Completion certificate,
  6. NOC and permission from Wetland Authority (if the Project area falls in the 500-meter radius of the Wetland zone),
  7. Impact Assessment Report with Groundwater modeling for Over Exploited, Critical, and semi-critical zones, Water audit reports as per HWRA rules.

Why choose Northern Ridge for Borewell Permission in Haryana

  • 100% Delivery On Commitment
  • Thorough understanding of HWRA rules
  • Genuine price
  • Transparency in process
  • Delivery Timeline

    Upto 120 days

  • Validity of NOC

    As of now 1 year

  • Gov. fee

    Infra Project 1,50,000. Industrial project 25,000 to 1,00,000.

  • Groundwater abstration Charges

    As per applicable Category (Safe, critical, Semi-critical and Over-Exploited)

Frequently Asked Questions

HWRA (Haryana Water Resources Authority) is a group of members, persons, and individuals constituted under section 3 of the Haryana Water Resources (Conservation, Regulation, and Management) Authority Act, 2020

It has been formed to take care and give directions for the development management and conservation and regulation of groundwater.

In accordance with the regulations set by HWRA, the abstraction of groundwater for all industrial, infrastructural, and mining projects is mandatory. This applies to diverse infrastructure projects such as hospitals, educational institutions, restaurants, shopping centers, recreational facilities, and housing societies

Depending on all formalities, it usually takes around 120 days (4 months) to obtain Groundwater NOC from HWRA.

Securing your NOC for groundwater extraction requires an upfront payment of a 90-day advance tariff based on your water demand. This payment serves as a security deposit and will be retained. For existing industries and projects, this tariff applies starting December 24, 2020

The No Objection Certificate (NOC) includes specific terms and conditions, which you are obligated to adhere to fully.

As per the guidelines issued by the Haryana Water Resource Authority, penalty is imposed for violating any condition.

As per HWRA rules, a detailed compliance report must be submitted to the Haryana Water Resource Authority before the NOC validity expires.

In case the groundwater requirement exceeds 500 KLD, it is necessary to submit a ground water impact assessment report to HWRA.

If you have any questions which is not listed above then kindly contact us on the given number/ email.

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