Five Reasons To Get A Haryana Water Resources Authority (HWRA) No Objection Certificate (NOC)

The HWRA (Haryana Water Resource Authority) is responsible for granting the groundwater NOC to industrial establishments, commercial projects, infrastructural developments, and more. The HWRA NOC is an important factor for industries to consider when managing groundwater resources. Let us have the five reasons why it’s essential to comply with the HWRA certificate.

1. Groundwater Legal Compliance

The HWRA (Haryana Water Resource Authority) introduced guidelines in December 2020 to regulate groundwater. According to these guidelines, any industry that intends to draw groundwater for drinking and industrial operations must obtain the HWRA NOC. This means that if a factory or unit has a borewell on its premises, it is required to obtain the borewell NOC as per Haryana state law.

2. Avoidance of Environmental Compensation or Penalty
A significant penalty is imposed on the factory owner or industry if it operates without obtaining the HWRA NOC. Timely groundwater filing to the Haryana Water Resource Authority and regularization of the borewell are crucial for industries.

3. Sealing of the borewell
In the event of a gross violation of the HWRA guidelines, the Haryana Water Resource Authority may take strict action, including sealing the borewell of non-compliant industries operating without HWRA NOC.

4. Smooth project execution
By having a valid HWRA NOC, the industry can avoid any environmental legal complications or hurdles that may arise during the construction and operation phase of the project.

5. Environmental protection
Water is one of the most precious natural resources for sustaining life on planet Earth. Water is available on land, known as surface water, and stored in deep aquifers, known as groundwater. As the availability of surface water shrinks, the dependency on groundwater increases. Therefore, we must conserve and use groundwater sustainably to prevent future generations from facing groundwater crises.

HWRA NOC is the first step toward regulating groundwater. We should use the latest water-conserving technologies to reuse and recycle it maximum. It is concluded that operating the industry without HWRA NOC can have serious consequences. It is suggested that industries or businesses should apply and get groundwater NOC done.