Ground Water

Benefits for obtaining the NOC from UPGWD in Uttar Pradesh


  • Uttar Pradesh Ground Water Development Authority is a statutory body responsible for granting groundwater UPGWD NOC in Uttar Pradesh.
  • The authority issues a borewell registration certificate to projects that abstract groundwater for domestic and industrial purposes.
  • As most industries rely on groundwater resources, there is an urgent need to conserve and regularize groundwater usage.
  • Industrial projects must quantify their groundwater usage to obtain a UPGWD certificate, which is one of the environmental compliances under the UPGWD Act 2019.
  • Let’s explore some of the advantages of groundwater NOC.

Groundwater compliance

UPGWD NOC is a statutory legal requirement under the UPGWD Act 2019 for projects or industries that withdraw groundwater using a borewell.

You must apply for UPGWD NOC to regularized your proposed or existing borewell.

2. Groundwater resource management
Rapid population growth and massive industrialization have led to a decline in groundwater tables or levels, which is a serious concern. To address this issue, we need to develop natural or artificial groundwater recharging systems or rainwater harvesting systems. UPGWD NOC compliance is the first step towards promoting sustainable water management practices and preventing water pollution.

3. Checking the Water Pollution
The compliance conditions of UPGWD NOC require that groundwater not be polluted by any means, and that watersaving technologies be used in the manufacturing process. Promoting the “reduce, reuse, and recycle” philosophy is one of the advantages of the groundwater certificate.

4. Promotion of your business or product
Organizations or companies can claim that they have borewell NOC as per groundwater regulations and comply with the UPGWD Act 2019. This compliance can have a positive impact on reputation in the market and help boost sales.

5. Avoidance of penalties
Operating an industry or factory without Groundwater NOC can lead to the imposition of environmental compensation or heavy penalties as per the UPGWD rules. To avoid being a defaulter unit, you must obtain UPGWD NOC in compliance with the Uttar Pradesh Ground Water Development Act 2019.

Groundwater NOC plays a crucial role in determining the environmental obligations of the industries. By complying with the environmental obligations specified in their groundwater NOCs, industries can play a crucial role in protecting and conserving groundwater resources for the future generations.