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How To Get PESO Explosive License In India?

  • A PESO License, issued by the Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization (PESO) in India, is a certification crucial for entities that wish to store and use explosives needs to obtain an appropriate permit for substances such as petrol, Diesel, compressed gases, and petroleum.
  • Formerly known as the Department of Explosives, PESO plays a pivotal role in establishing safety guidelines and regulating the handling of dangerous chemicals across various industries.

What is a PESO Organization?

  • The Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization, the authority responsible for granting the PESO Certificate, was established to ensure safety in the manufacturing, transportation, handling, storage, and usage of hazardous chemicals.
  • Governed by the Chief Controller of Explosives, PESO bestows licenses or approvals upon manufacturers, importers, or traders involved in oil, coal, gas, mining, and explosives.
  • Furthermore, it undertakes training programs for officials responsible for examining and disposing of explosives, including police, security, and intelligence personnel.

Products Requiring PESO Registration:

  • As per PESO guidelines, online registration applies to products that must be explosion-proof.
  • Categories include pressure vessels, explosion-proof products, and those used in the oil, gas, and mining industries.
  • Products such as gas cylinders, storage facilities, generating plants, refineries, and various others fall under the purview of PESO online licensing.

Importance of PESO License:

  • This license safeguards lives and property in India by overseeing explosives, enforcing safety protocols, and preventing substandard explosives that could be fatal.
  • It also sets fire safety standards for equipment and regulates machinery, ensuring compliance with chemical industry regulations.

Eligibility for PESO License in India:

  • Entities eligible PESO certification process in India include factories manufacturing explosives, storage premises for explosives, factories producing fireworks, plants filling gas cylinders, petroleum storage units, petroleum pipelines, petroleum service stations, LPG bottling units, oxygen cylinder manufacturers, and oxygen processing plants.

PESO license requirements in India:

To obtain a PESO License, necessary documents include details of the applicant, specifications for devices, organizational setup, manufacturing processes, equipment details, templates, non-destructive examination procedures, machinery list, authority details for premises inspection, records, ISO certification (if any), and technical information about products used.

Procedure for filing explosive license form in India:

The process involves downloading the appropriate license application, furnishing requisite documents, filling out the application form, PESO assessment, facility inspection, and finally, the grant of the PESO NOC. Post-license, regular inspections, and renewals are mandatory.

How Northern Ridge Can Help in Applying for an Explosives Storage Licence

As a leading PESO certification agency in India, Northern Ridge Geotech Private Limited offers end-to-end assistance, including application filing, document submission, coordination with testing facilities, follow-ups with the department, and error rectification. Their dedicated professionals ensure a streamlined process for acquiring the PESO License at an affordable cost.


Understanding and obtaining a license from PESO is imperative for entities dealing with hazardous substances in India, and the support of experienced agencies like Northern Ridge Geotech Private Limited can make this regulatory journey smoother and more efficient.