Pollution NOC from UPPCB

Get Fast-Track Pollution NOC from UPPCB: UPPCB NOC Explained

This informative blog delves into the Pollution NOC from UPPCB (Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board), a crucial no-objection certificate safeguarding the state’s environment. Established in 1975 as the U.P. Water Pollution Prevention and Control Board, it later evolved into the UPPCB in 1982, encompassing broader environmental oversight under various environmental laws. The diverse responsibilities of UPPCB include:

  • Enforcing environmental regulations: From air and water pollution control to managing hazardous waste, the Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board ensures industries and entities adhere to strict environmental standards.
  • Protecting public health: By monitoring pollution levels and implementing control measures, the UPPCB safeguards public health from environmental hazards.
  • Promoting sustainable practices: Through awareness programs and technical data initiatives, the UPPCB fosters environmental consciousness and encourages sustainable practices.
  • Issuing the Pollution NOC online: Industries who want to obtain the UPPCB license must fill out the UP Pollution Control Board application form online and after thorough scrutiny, the Pollution Board issues the Pollution Certificates.   

Who needs Pollution NOC from UPPCB?

Following are list of units that need the UP Pollution Control Board Certificate:

  • Manufacturing units
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Waste management companies (e-waste, solid, hazardous, battery, plastic, and bio-medical)
  • Traders

Understanding pollution control board categories:

The UPPCB classifies industries based on their pollution potential, with four main categories:

  • Red: Highly polluting, restricted in sensitive areas.
  • Orange: Requires consent certificates to operate.
  • Green: Needs both consent to establish and consent to operate.
  • White: Least polluting, exempt from obtaining the Pollution Control Board NOC.

Red, Orange, and Green Category Projects are required to file online applications for NOC to UPPCB. 

Obtaining a Pollution Certificate from UPPCB:

Securing a No Objection Certificate (NOC) for establishing an industrial unit involves submitting various documents, such as:

  • Identification documents
  • Property ownership documents
  • Site and layout plans
  • Manufacturing process details
  • Environmental certificates and approvals

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The Pollution NOC from UPPCB plays a vital role in safeguarding Uttar Pradesh’s environment. By understanding its regulations, adhering to pollution control measures, and seeking expert guidance from consultants like Northern Ridge Geotech Private Limited, businesses can operate sustainably and contribute to a healthy environment for all.