Borewell NOC from CGWA

How CGWA NOCs Ensure Sustainable Groundwater Use

  • Groundwater serves as a vital lifeline, supporting food security and meeting the needs of homes and industries across India.
  • Yet, its importance hasn’t reached everyone. Responsible use is crucial to meet diverse needs without harming overstretched aquifers.
  • The consequences of uncontrolled extraction are clear: worsening water scarcity and alarmingly declining water levels.
  • CGWA NOC compliance has put a halt to unregulated groundwater withdrawal by manufacturing industries nationwide. 

What is Central Ground Water Authority (CGWA):

Established under the Environment Protection Act, of 1986, and guided by the Supreme Court, the CGWA actively regulates and manages groundwater nationwide by issuing the groundwater NOC. This document explores CGWA permissions and their impact, highlighting the growing awareness of responsible resource management.

CGWA Groundwater NOC/Borewell NOC: More Than Just a Permission Slip:

The CGWA NOC Certificate goes beyond simple authorization. It actively promotes demand-side management practices like rainwater harvesting and artificial recharge, sparking a positive public movement. Additionally, establishing State Groundwater Authorities with central government support forms the cornerstone of future strategies for effective resource management.

Understanding Who Needs NOC from CGWA:

  • All industries/units/businesses that are using the underground water for domestic and industrial purposes need to get the CGWA NOC done. 
  • CGWA has identified 162 critical/overexploited areas in various regions. 
  • In these areas, controlling and regulating commercial groundwater extraction is vital.
  • Under Section 5 of the Environment (Protection) Act, district authorities enforce regulations, making commercial extraction by private entities restricted.
  • Only government agencies responsible for drinking water supply can obtain permission to drill new tube wells in these zones.

Key Points for obtaining boring NOC from Central Ground Water Authority: 

  • We must conserve groundwater, a crucial resource for food security and various sectors.
  • The CGWA plays a vital role in regulating groundwater extraction.
  • CGWA NOCs promote responsible resource management and demand-side practices.
  • State Groundwater Authorities, supported by the central government, will be instrumental in future management strategies.

How Northern Ridge Geotech plays a pivotal role in assisting the get groundwater approval from CGWA: 

Northern Ridge is an expert environmental consulting company with decades of experience in obtaining groundwater boring NOCs from central and state water regulating authorities. Our expert technical team has a proven track record in providing environmental advisory services.