Simplify Borewell Permission in Haryana - HWRA Rules & Regulations

Who needs a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from HWRA?

  • Industrial, mining, and infrastructure projects (except MSMEs in over-exploited areas)
  • Users exceeding specific daily groundwater limits (varies by category)

Exemptions from Obtaining Borewell NOC Haryana 

  • Individual groundwater users for domestic and drinking purposes (no government supply)
  • Rural drinking water supply schemes
  • Armed Forces and Central Armed Police Forces
  • Agricultural use
  • Micro and small businesses using less than 10 KLD (but registration required)

General Conditions for Haryana Water Resource Authority Guidelines 2020 

  • Use local government water supply if available.
  • Adopt water-efficient technologies.
  • Reduce groundwater use by 20% within 3 years (industrial users).
  • Implement rainwater harvesting (industrial users).
  • Pay groundwater abstraction charges (except in over-exploited areas for existing industries).

Specific rules for industries by the Haryana Water Resource Authority (HWRA) 

  • NOCs are not granted in over-exploited areas except for MSMEs and domestic/drinking needs.
  • Self/certified annual water audits are required (depending on usage).
  • Observation wells and piezometers are mandatory for high users.
  • Monitor and report water levels monthly.

Specific rules for mining projects By HWRA 

  • Treat and use de-watering water efficiently.
  • Construct observation wells and piezometers (high users).
  • Monitor the water quality of mine seepage and discharge.
  • Pay groundwater abstraction and restoration charges (except in over-exploited areas).

Government fees:

  • Vary based on category and usage